Masterful Teaching

I am reminded of the complex skill set required to not only know a certain concept, but to know it with  mastery, and then teach that concept to others. Last week in Dehradun, Uttarakhand,  four emerging national leaders in Social Role Valorization had the opportunity to practice their teaching craft in a very potent way.

KII  faculty and staff  Mrs. Geeta Mondol, Dr. Neelam Sodhi, Ms. Bindu Sengar and Mr. Faisal Asraf are no strangers to SRV theory – they have studied it intensely. Each learned about SRV in English, and have studied its implications through English writings and sources only. This past week, they all had the opportunity to present in full-on Hindi, joining a few others in Jaipur who have done some Hindi presenting.


We know about the power of imitation and role modeling from our  study of SRV. Many aspiring SRV presenters begin to teach the concepts by using standardized notes, and by watching and imitating their mentors. Of course, this is an excellent way to learn. A step further is to move away from mimicking what we have heard other, more experienced persons say, and moving towards  our own words, expression,  and content, whilst remaining true to the core concepts. This is a huge step towards mastery – making ideas your own, presenting them in your own voice and from your own experience, and learning to respond to questions and challenges by drawing upon a deep well of knowledge.

As if this is not daunting enough, just today I began thinking about just how well you have to know a complex set of ideas like SRV, in order to present and teach them in another language, especially a nuanced and poetic language like Hindi.  Listening to emerging SRV trainers convey the ideas in Hindi is moving to me, and it means that such educators are forming their own deep well of understanding. Bravo to the team.